The Motsepe Foundation, in collaboration with its implementing agent Agri-SA Enterprises, has joined forces with African Seeds Group (ASG) to launch the IlimaLethu project. This initiative aims to empower developing farmers in the Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal provinces, enabling them to transition into small-scale commercial farming enterprises.

The IlimaLethu project will, through funding from the Motsepe Foundation, provide participating farmers with financing for production inputs, mechanisation services and capital infrastructure for the development of new fresh vegetable production areas. ASG will support the project through its technical and agronomy support teams; and training through African Seeds Academy and the Sakhumnotho Global School of Business Leadership.

Online market platform HelloChoice has been selected as the offtake partner. On their platform each participant farmer will have a digital e-wallet from where purchases are to be made and income funds received. HelloChoice provides market insights to help the project to produce the right crops to maximise income potential. They will also provide the marketing & selling services of the final fresh produce on behalf of the participants.

Participating farmers will engage in the project for a period of three years, spanning six growing seasons. The initial phase aims to establish 76 hectares of crops across the two provinces, serving as a pilot for potential expansion into other regions. This initial pilot will include up to 20 participating farmers.


Mihan Louw, Managing Director of African Seeds Group, expressed gratitude to the Motsepe Foundation for their support. “Access to production inputs and capital equipment funding is crucial for the development of small-scale farmers,” said Louw. “We believe this collaboration between ASG, the Motsepe Foundation, and HelloChoice is a game-changer in the way impact funding is deployed and will serve as a blueprint for similar initiatives in the future.”