African Seeds Group is a specialised seed, fertiliser and agrochemicals producer and distributor focused mainly on the emerging farmer market in South Africa. Our product range of vegetable and agronomy seeds, fertiliser and other agrochemicals are tailored to suite farming enterprises of every size, from small home gardens to large-scale commercial farmers and institutional customers (government).

Our products are sourced from a range of partners across the agricultural value chain ensuring that we have access to top-quality products at all times.

We work closely with our customers across the spectrum and make sure that we enable each and every farmer to have the best possible chance of a successful harvest. In addition to seeds and agri-inputs we also provide support, training and knowledge to our customers and partners.

Our state-of-the-art packing facility gives us the flexibility to cater to our customers’ individual needs in terms of packaging and pack size.

Vegetable and Agronomy Seeds

Every successful harvest starts with selecting the best possible seed genetics. At African Seeds Group, we do the hard work on behalf of our customers by selecting the best possible vegetable and agronomy seed varieties from a large range of partners across the world. Whether you’re interested in planting a small patch of home garden vegetables, or planning a large-scale sunflower production, we are there to guide you in selecting the best possible seed.

We have established long-running relationships with the best genetics providers, as well as the best seed producers, which ensure we can supply customers with seeds across the entire range of agricultural applications.

Our seed is put through rigorous quality control processes and germination is tested frequently to ensure our clients always get the best quality seed. Our state-of-the-art packing facility can pack seeds down to a variety of sizes, from 2 g to 1 ton.

This makes us the preferred seed supplier to government, NGOs, wholesalers and emerging farmers alike.

Fertiliser and Agrochemicals

After selecting the right seeds, every farmer knows that ensuring your seeds have fertile soil to grow in is critical for a good harvest. Furthermore, keeping your crop free of pests and sickness is essential for good plant growth.

Agrochemicals are chemical products comprised of fertilizers, plant-protection chemicals or pesticides, and plant-growth hormones used in agriculture. Our agrochemicals are sourced from world-renowned suppliers and are backed by years of research and development to ensure you always get the best.

Through our strategic partners, we can supply a basket of agrochemicals to support good seed growth. From fertiliser to herbicides and pesticides, as well as growth mediums and stickers, we can supply you with top-quality agrochemicals at competitive prices.

Bulk/Wholesale Seed Sourcing

Through our connection with the Zaad group of companies, we can tap into a vast network of seed producers worldwide. Certain crops (like onions) take up to three years to produce and our extensive knowledge of this process and the group’s economy of scale are invaluable to our wholesale customers.

Through pro-actively engaging with our seed producers at the right time during the seed production season, we can ensure that we procure enough seed on behalf of our clients. Bulk contracts can be negotiated with suppliers at preferential rates compared to regular retail-traded seed.

Our relationship with our wide range of suppliers also enables us to look for hard-to-find items, and our extensive logistics chain ensures the cost of import remains relatively low.

Technical Support, Training and Farmer Development

Whether you’re a small-scale farmer or a large, established farm, having access to the most up-to-date knowledge on every element of your crop growing cycle is key to ensure a good harvest.

We believe that a key part of uplifting our communities through agriculture is to make technical support and knowledge available to every one of our clients. We have access to a wide range of experts on all matters related to seed, agrochemicals, irrigation, and general farm management practices.

We generally provide our support free of charge to our customers, but we have also developed tailored, structured training and development programmes to augment agricultural programmes and agri-development projects.

By democratising knowledge, we are enabling each and every farmer to learn, thereby developing his or her potential with every successful harvest.


Our state-of-the-art seed packing facility close to the O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg is ideally situated close to major highways and freight routes. This facility can repack bulk seed down to a variety of smaller sizes (from 25 kg down to 2 g) and can accommodate an array of packaging formats – from tins to foils packs and stand-up pouches.

We service a wide range of customers for whom we repack their seeds into their own-label packaging. With the high cost of seed packing equipment, we provide this service reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively to our valued clients.