What we do

African Seeds Group (ASG) functions as an agro-inputs and information services company to emerging commercial farmers. African Seeds Group supplies high quality seed and related inputs through ‘Simplified Production Inputs’ packages, providing agronomic technical support and aiding the farmer to gain access to the formal commercial market sector.

Simplified Production Inputs

We do the research and selection of the best possible products to ensure we give our clients a simple buying choice for his/her application.

Technical Support

We will evaluate your requirement in the field and share best practice ideas and knowledge to ensure success.

Procurement and Administration

Through our strategic network of partners, we can facilitate the procurement of inputs in bulk at preferential prices. We can also facilitate the administration of the procurement process for communal projects – ensuring everyone benefits from the economy of scale.

Africa Seed Packs

Our Africa Seed Packs are already widely used in small scale vegetable projects throughout the country – contributing to food security in many households. We source the best possible seeds for these packs from the country’s most reputable seed suppliers.

Institutional Support

Whether for government, private enterprises or NGO’s – we project manage the implementation and execution from inputs to farm to table; ensuring your investment in emerging agriculture in South Africa is maximised.

Seed Production Farmer Development

With our sister companies in the Zaad Group, Africa Seeds Group helps develop emerging farmers into full-scale seed production entities (growers) that produce excellent commercial seeds as part of the group’s seed production supply chain.

African Seeds Group

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