African Seeds Group is a sustainable Level 2 B-BBEE producer and distributor of seed, fertiliser and agri-input solutions. We strive to provide the best quality products to our broad-based customer base. Our solutions are tailored to suit every individual customer – from emerging farmers to large farming enterprises, the government and NGOs.

Our vegetable and agronomy seeds are sourced through a wide network of local and international partners to ensure we provide top-quality products and genetics at the best possible prices.

We are dedicated to growing and empowering communities through agriculture – one successful farmer at a time.

About us

African Seeds Group (ASG) was established in 2018 when holding company Zaad Holdings Limited – which invests in the specialised agri-inputs industry where they currently own, develop, import and distribute a broad range of agronomy, forage and vegetable seeds into mainly Africa, Europe and other emerging international markets – realised the importance of having a company that can specifically focus…

What we do

African Seeds Group is a specialised seed, fertiliser and agrochemicals producer and distributor focused mainly on the emerging farmer market in South Africa.

Our product range of vegetable and agronomy seeds, fertiliser and other agrochemicals are tailored to suite farming enterprises of every size, from small home gardens to large-scale…

our Products

Vegetable Seeds

From asparagus to zucchini, and everything in between! – we stock a wide range of vegetable seeds to suite every need…

Agronomy Seeds

We sell a large range of agronomy seeds including sunflower, white and yellow maize, sorghum and lucerne…


Through our vast network of suppliers and sister companies, we are able to supply a wide range of agrochemicals…

and Growth Mediums

Through our vast network of suppliers and sister companies, we can supply a wide range of fertilises and growth…

The African Seeds Academy

The African Seeds Academy (ASA) looks to empower emerging or small-scale farmers through free access to education.

We build content/courses that teaches farmers how to grow vegetables & other crops.

The focus is on the farmer who hopes to build their farming enterprises from ‘home gardens’ to small-scale commercial ventures.

The content takes the farmer through all the elements required for successful crop cultivation – including “Soil selection”; Variety Selection; fertilizing & plant nutrition; Irrigation & disease and pest management.

Furthermore, the platform engages learners to test their knowledge and actively engages learners to ensure knowledge is embedded.

We hope that through this venture we can further our vision in African Seeds Group to empower communities through agriculture.

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